Friday, November 28, 2008

Art Craft Clubman Frames Arrived

My Art Craft Clubman frames arrived today. They are perfect.
They were in even better condition than I was expecting. They seem almost brand new and barely worn. They are an older vintage pair with the crimp on nose pads.

I adjusted them and tightened the five barrel hinges. I put new screws in them as well and transferred the lenses from my Shuron Ronsir Zyl frames and to my surprise they fit quite nicely. The Art Craft frames are shaped slightly different but not enough to really matter. I plan to get new lenses put in them early next year anyway.

I am so happy and they look great.


David Paul said...

I hate shopping for glasses. Most manufacturers stop making frames after a couple of years. I've been wearing Shuron Ronsir for the past 10 years. Probably could keep buying them the rest of my life. I have 4 pairs so far. Bit of a sale recently . bought another 2 pair. Was hoping to pop old lenses in ..... nope ....out by 3 mm . I could change out the lenses on the 1st 2 Ronsir frames.

Shuron will sell to me directly . Then added prescription lenses via Costco and a local optician. Art craft won't sell to me . however I was looking at Clubman frames my father has. They would have been worn lots and over 50 years old. They still look new. My 10 year old Ronsir frame , looks worn.

Had 2 nose pieces break from minor adjustment. The opitician was surprised that the nose peice metal wasn't annealed ( to make pliable)

Any problem adjusting the Clubman nose piece ?

Thx David - near Toronto

David Paul said...

Art-craft won't sell directly , but they are still available new via frames only $128 - free shipping within US - $18 to Canada

available via too -= more $$ frames only

I need 22mm bridge width - ( especially for clearance with a thicker lens - comparing to Shuron)
So only available with 51 mm lens width